We found ourselves in zero humidity;

where it fed us a lot of life and inspiration.

Flooded only one month before,

this is one of the driest places on earth -

The Atacama Desert, Chile. 

Here are a collection of gathered goods 

found and arranged in response the surrounding land. 

A conversation between dried debris -

colour, form, texture and shape. 

Laid upon a mapping of symbols,

Still life as a painting, 

A painting as a photograph



Found on the ground 

Connecting a language of dried goods,

One muted shade, a rounded edge 

All along the dried valley bed


You stand out to me. 

What will you bring as a whole?

A smell (scent)

Dusty and warm

Here you are, the beginning of the dessert

I have life in my basin

The sun sears this life -

as you reach passed the valley’s walls


Opened this sack in the heart of the valley, 

An arrangement emerges

Brought together 

These dried debris speak their own language 

Turned solid, they are brittle 

I bring them new life


Held by the valley,

A valley as a vessel