Introduce yourself to working with plant based colour by hand dyeing your own fabric.


This dye kit is designed for you to connect with natural colour, working with dye flowers and plants to create a variety of shades and textures on fabric, transcribing colour through a steam process - the bundle dyeing technique.


The power of natural colour creates an aura in which you can never leave.


What's included in the kit:


Bamboo fabric by A.Amaba 

scarf / headband / wall hanging / small table cloth / wrapping cloth

Sample piece of Vintage Silk for experiemnting 

Dye flowers 

Iron (Ferrous Sulfate) - Modifyer 


A short video

A written guide and resource list


You will need access to a heat source (hob/hotplate), pot with a lid, colander and clear household vinegar.

Bundle Dyeing Kit