Impact and outcome  

It seems gentle in this moment,

even in its coming to be 

it's only a change in time, 

Could you bloom?

This time

the aftermath of water,

emerged a new landscape,

carving new pathways

Holding new possibilities

textures, forms.

Merely visitors

We find our stage

cracked and layered

Peeling upwards from the ground

A platform, A canvas


Built of clay, a sculpted land

The depth of orange

curves of salt

Ground as pigment, ground up earth

The artist collaborates with you.

Screen Shot 2020-01-15 at 20.30.59.png

Artists Ffion Taverner and Penny Booth collaborate on a project exploring the landscape of the Atacama Desert, Chile after devastating floods of 2019.  One of the driest places on earth, flooded. 


This project explores the subtitles that were left. A collection of images; observing, collecting, assembling, re assembling; a tactile window into a performative process